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The Big Fit Girl Fitness Community encompasses everything you need to be successful.  A fitness app with a growing library of workouts for all levels, face to face coaching with Louise Green, live workouts and a community where you will finally belong. We welcome women of all levels, sizes, and abilities to join our judgement-free fitness movement.


Your Membership Includes:

For just $11.99 USD/month

  • Fitness App

    Access to an extensive library of workouts, expert interviews, coaching videos & more. New content added monthly.

  • Community

    Private Facebook community and app forum to share, inspire and motivate, together with thousands of other women.

  • Train Your Way

    Workouts can be done at home or at the gym with body weight or equipment. Variety of times and intensities to meet your needs.

  • Sweat & Connect

    Monthly LIVE workout with Louise where you will have a chance to connect directly.

  • Coaching Calls

    Two group coaching calls a month with Louise on a variety of topics. Times will alternate to reach different timezones.

  • Build Your Confidence

    Join thousands of women from around the world who have gained confidence through fitness at their own pace.

The Big Fit Girl Fitness App is the only app on the market of its kind. It is available in 115 countries, in 5 languages and currently has users from all over the world. It is available for streaming on Vimeo and in the Google Play and Apple store.

Inside the Big Fit Girl Fitness App

  • Body Positive

    At the Big Fit Girl Fitness App, we celebrate all bodies, at every age, size, and ability. No one gets left behind.

  • Weight Neutral

    You will never hear diet talk, motivation with shaming undertones or any praising by body size reduction.

  • Accessible to All

    The Big Fit Girl Fitness App has been carefully designed to be highly inclusive to those with limited mobility all the way up to higher intensity workouts for able bodied individuals. We recognize that everybody deserves the right to fitness.

  • Chair Workouts

    The Big Fit Girl Fitness App includes a range of chair workouts that require no equipment and some that include equipment. We also offer chair workouts and for those regaining mobility,  chair assisted workouts. 

  • Equipment Workout

    We offer many workouts without equipment but also feature workouts with weights, medballs, bands and Bosu's that can be done at home or at the gym.

  • Bonus Content

    The Big Fit Girl Fitness App includes an array of bonus content including daily mantras, the Big Fit Girl audiobook, a 5K Walk/Run program and expert interviews.



Louise Green

Louise Green is a recognized, leading pioneer, in size-inclusive fitness. She is the Creator and Director of Big Fit Girl, now a brand, a book, a global fitness App and a monthly magazine column at SELF Magazine.  Louise forged a global movement following the release her book, Big Fit Girl and has since touched the lives of thousands of women around the world.  Green is a personal trainer and coach backed by 15 years and thousands of hours physically training women who are often left out of fitness culture.


Her mission is to make fitness accessible, fun and inclusive for all.   


The workouts in her app have been specifically designed and thought out to cater to individuals of all fitness levels, abilities, ages and sizes, while celebrating every, single, body.

Praises for Big Fit Girl

Fantastic App! So many options for every fitness level with many different activities and types of equipment and timeframes.

This app is great for all shapes and sizes and all fitness levels. Love the ease of use and organization of the workouts.

Multi level workouts so no need to be intimidated, and there is lots of variety, very encouraging with a no non-sense approach.

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